Why Have a Mindfulness Session?

Mindfulness and meditation is now scientifically validated to have dozens of health benefits including reduced stress, blood pressure, pain and anxiety. What's more is that it also increases focus, productivity, resilience and boosts immunity, creating a foundation for joy and wellbeing at work.

Successful companies around the world have mindfulness programs including Google, Nike, Apple, HBO, Cisco, Procter & Gamble, Aetna, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Even Harvard Business School includes mindfulness principles in its leadership programs.

Mindfulness sessions are perfect for your workplace if you want create a framework for wellness and give your team tangible ways they can stress less and find more calm at work.

A mindfulness practice has been shown to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase loyalty and retention
  • Improve teamwork and communication
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce turnover
  • Generate more revenue

Every mindfulness sessions is customized to your organization’s unique objectives, structure and company culture.

Want more? Check out Why Mindfulness.

What to Expect

Here are the four core elements you can expect during a Mindfulness Session:

  1. Learn. During the first part of the session, participants will learn what mindfulness is, why it matters and the benefits of practice. In addition, they will take a quick mindfulness self-assessment to increase self-awareness of their current state.
  2. Practice. Next, participants will put what they've learned to work and practice a live, guided meditation with me.
  3. Discuss. Afterwards, we will have an interactive discussion where participants share what they experienced and I'll address any challenges or concerns.
  4. Do. At the end of the session, participants will create their own a Mindfulness Action Plan so they have a way to sustain their practice.

Bonus: Participants receive a Mindfulness Toolkit that includes practical tips, tools and resources for practicing mindfulness at work.

Optional: After the mindfulness session, participants may schedule a private, one-on-one wellness coaching session with me. After the session, participants will have at least one specific, actionable strategy they can start using right away.

How it Works

Contact me to schedule your complimentary 30-minute introductory call to discuss the mindfulness session you'd like me to facilitate. During this call, I'll ask you some questions to learn more about your goals and challenges.

Next, I'll follow up with a proposal and a sample agenda, along with a few sample guided meditations for you to listen to.

Finally, we'll agree on a good time and location, create an agreement and 50% deposit, and I'll prepare and deliver your customized mindfulness session. 

What Others Say

From the get-go, Stacy is very organized and accommodating to what we are looking for. This is the first ‘mindfulness session’ organized for our office and we wanted to explore the topics that make sense for us.

She took the time to understand what our business is about, what our goals are for the session and provided suggestions on relevant subjects to cover. She then tailored the materials and walked me through how we could achieve our objectives. Stacy even provided one-on-one coaching to our consultants for a more in-depth exploration of their personal goals.

Stacy is very methodical and easy to work with and we were delighted to have her facilitate the session!

I absolutely recommend Stacy’s Mindfulness Presentation. I engaged with Stacy and came into it with next to no background, but gained scientific, historical and practical knowledge. Stacy opened up my mind to the importance of meditation, and I went from a skeptic, to a believer, to actually practicing in one hour.

This practice is coming at the perfect time in my life, as I am become more introspective, and health and happiness is becoming more and more important to me and my company. The learning is now another tool in my arsenal to pull from.

I would highly recommend this mindfulness program to other companies seeking new ways to pursue health and wellness. As Stacy explained it, we must exercise our minds as we do our bodies.