[Press Release] Wellness Expert Stacy Conlon Expands Brand with a Website Delivering Corporate Wellness Mindfulness Solutions


May 20, 2015 ­ LARKSPUR, Calif. ­ Fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing for the spa, wellness and hospitality industries positioned Stacy Conlon to know the ins and outs of the growing market of corporate wellness. With recent clients including Cisco and Samsung, Conlon steps up her offerings with the launch of www.thezengirl.com.

This website contains powerful stress ­reduction solutions for both startups and established companies. The website further engages corporate leaders in utilizing meditation and mindfulness tools to foster employee happiness, creativity, focus and retention. Forbes.com shows 87% of employees surveyed consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer*.

“There is clearly a demand for mindfulness and meditation in corporate settings, so I launched this website in response to this growing need,” says Conlon, who is an established mindfulness trainer and certified wellness coach who successfully ran The Zen Media Group, LLC. “My vision is to help establish a culture of mindfulness in workplaces around the world, boosting productivity and ultimately creating a happier and more mindful planet.”

Citing a company culture of mindfulness as being able to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, reduce costs & turnover and generate more revenu, Conlon works directly with brands to bring customized mindfulness and meditation programs into their workplace. Having led keynote presentations for notable groups including The Lean Startup, Conlon strategically leads The Zen Girl’s services by implementing programs over time so they can be fully absorbed into the client’s culture.

The program includes three core offerings:

  • MINDFULNESS SESSIONS ­ resented in the style of a TED Talk, these sessions are a good fit for leaders who want to kick off wellness programming or need a fundamental framework for mindfulness in their company.
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS ­ elivered either live or recorded, Conlon leads guided meditations that are customized to a company’s unique goals and specific scenarios. “Hundreds of successful people from Oprah to Steve Jobs have reported having a meditation practice. And since many people find it hard to meditate on their own, guided meditation is a great solution because it offers structure and allows people to meditate more easily,” adds Conlon.
  • WELLNESS COACHING ­ usting the myth that coaching takes a lot of time, participants in Conlon’s 20­minute “express” sessions walk away with at least one specific, tangible wellness strategy uniquely suited to the individual that can be implemented immediately.