Peacock Pose Without My Cherry Red Scooter

I’ve practiced yoga for almost 10 years and today was only the second time I have tried peacock pose.  Because the sky was threatening rain, I took the train instead of riding my cherry red scooter to one of my favorite yoga classes in the Castro district of San Francisco.

It was nice to feel connected and grounded again with myself after a long social weekend hosting visitors.  But something strange happened mid-way through my yoga practice.

My stomach started to bark at me and I felt nauseous.  What is this about? I wondered.  Like usual, when a thought pops into my head during yoga I breathe and try to let it fade into the background aiming to become present once again in my body.  Soon after, Oscar announced the next pose was going to be peacock pose – not my teacher’s favorite, but a good one for digestion.

Interesting timing, I thought (darn another thought), perhaps this will help.  I opened my eyes to watch his instruction because I couldn’t remember the pose.  When I lifted my toes off the ground, my arms started shaking as I focused my weight away from my gut resting on my elbows.  I breathed deeper, trying to find the place of stillness in peacock pose.

Relief washed over me as we sat back on our heels to let the asana sink in for a few moments.  I brought my attention back to my stomach area in to check in.  The nausea was gone!

I smiled inwardly and said a silent thank you. To me, it honestly felt like my energy shifted and balanced my digestive system.  Whether or not it’s true that peacock pose was in fact exactly what made me feel better, it really doesn’t make any difference.  The result is what matters.

A bounce sneaked into my step as I walked out onto the busy sidewalk of this prideful district.  The skies had grown darker, but my mood was lighter.  I turned up a Holy Ghost!remix on my headphones and felt like a peacock with its iridescent feathers fanned out wide as I walked back toward the N train stop, proud and beautiful, even without my cherry red scooter.