35 Reasons Why Yoga is the Fountain of Youth

“Yoga is the fountain of youth.  You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” –Bob Harper

Bob is on to something here.  In my last post 3 Common Misconceptions About Yoga, we discussed some reasons why people may not choose to practice yoga based on false notions.  As a follow up, it’s important to bring to light proven ways that yoga can be beneficial for your health at any age and at any level of practice: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

So, if you are wondering what yoga can do for you, here are 35 ways yoga facilitates better health, as both prevention and treatment, as supported by scientific evidence.

  1. Relieves pain
  2. Lowers need for medication
  3. Promotes weight loss
  4. Increases flexibility
  5. Strengthens muscles
  6. Releases unconscious muscular gripping
  7. Improves balance
  8. Improves posture
  9. Improves immune function
  10. Strengthens bones
  11. Lowers blood sugar
  12. Lowers blood pressure
  13. Thins the blood
  14. Improves lung function
  15. Leads to slower and deeper breathing
  16. Increases oxygenation of tissues
  17. Improves joint health
  18. Nourishes intervertebral disks in the spine
  19. Improves return of venous blood, the veins that run from organs to the heart
  20. Increases lymph circulation
  21. Improves foot function
  22. Improves proprioception (the ability to sense the position and location and orientation and movement of the body and its parts)
  23. Conditions the cardiovascular system
  24. Relaxes and improves the function of the nervous system
  25. Improves brain function
  26. Activates the left prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for positive emotions
  27. Changes neurotransmitter levels
  28. Lowers level of the stress hormone Cortisol
  29. Improves levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (the good stuff)
  30. Improves bowel function
  31. Increases the control of bodily functions
  32. Uses imagery to effect change in the body
  33. Fosters healing relationships
  34. Fosters spiritual growth
  35. Encourages involvement in your own healing

As you can see, by practicing this ancient art we can increase the level of our body’s health and well-being.  Yoga truly is the proactive, mindful magic potion of the fountain of youth.

Source:  Yoga as Medicine: the Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Dr. Timothy McCall, M.D.