30 Day Gratitude Challenge #ThankToday

What are you grateful for?

Thanksgiving makes us remember why it’s important to be thankful. And we know that if we spend just a few moments per day of paying attention to something that we are grateful for in our lives, it will improve our overall happiness and wellbeing. Even Time MagazineThe Wall Street Journal and The New York Times published articles about it recently.

Today I saw my 93-year-old grandmother, Jane. I took a tissue and wiped her mouth clean. “Thanksgiving, Grandma. That’s why we’re here.” It was hard to understand her words but warmth and love was palpable from her heart. Dad and I each held one of her curled hands and sat together, simply sharing the space. On Day 1, I am grateful to have this time with a special woman in my life whose final days are drawing near.

Often, we focus on what we don’t have.  What would happen if we focused on what we do?

There are 30 days until Christmas and I invite you to join me on a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. All you have to do is consciously express gratitude every day until December 25. It could be a Facebook post, a comment to your partner, a #ThankToday tweet or a scribble in your notebook. It takes only small steps to make great changes in our lives.

Community Rocks. Here’s How to Participate in Social Media.

Twitter: #ThankToday

This is also an informal experiment in positive psychology in social media. At the end, I would like to interview 2 – 3 individuals about your experience. Please contact me if you’d like to participate.