Celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 13, 2015

One day of wellness can change your life!

We are joining hundreds of companies in over 50 countries worldwide in “Saying Yes!” to Global Wellness Day, a one-day event celebrating health and wellbeing taking place onSaturday, June 13, 2015. The idea is to increase global consciousness of living a better life, even if for one day, by drawing a focus on healthier lifestyle choices.

As a U.S. Ambassador for Global Wellness Day, I encourage all wellness-minded leaders to participate in this special day, and to help spread the word of wellness around the globe.

The campaign challenges people to change one aspect of their lives for a day and outlines seven steps to better wellness: What will you say “yes” to today?

– Drink more water
– Walk for an hour
– Shop locally and eat organically
– Stop using plastic bottles
– Do a good deed
– Eat a family dinner
– Go to bed at 10pm

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– Save the date! Celebrate @wellness_day on Saturday, June 13, 2015. #GWD2015
– How can you live a healthier life? #GlobalWellnessDay #GWD2015
– Help us spread the word! Celebrate @wellness_day on Saturday, June 13, 2015 #GWD2015! (please RT)
– Eat organic. Drink more water. Celebrate @wellness_day on Saturday, June 13, 2015! #GWD2015
– Take a walk. Use less plastic. Celebrate @wellness_day on Saturday, June 13, 2015! #GWD2015
– Make smart choices about your health and the planet we all share. #GWD2015
– I say “YES” to Global Wellness Day! @wellness_day #GWD2015
– One day can change your life! Celebrate @wellness_day on June 13, 2015 #GWD2015
– #GlobalWellnessDay is the first step to ignite the flame of happiness. Celebrate on 6/13/15 #GWD2015

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The History of Global Wellness Day

The non-profit project created by Belgin Aksoy three years ago is being embraced by the spa and wellness world and has now also been accepted as a Global Wellness Instituteinitiative. Belgin, who came up with an idea to combat depression and unhappiness by promoting the importance of living well, says, “We’ve honored almost everything which is valuable to us with a special day, so why not have one that’s dedicated to the universally accepted importance of wellness?”

Please join us to stand united with hundreds of spas and wellness organizations in more than 50 countries to support proactive wellness!

Elements Massage in Greenbrae, California says “YES” to Global Wellness Day.



Christi Cano of Innovative Spa Productions and Stacy Conlon, The Zen Girl say “YES” to Global Wellness Day.


Stacy Conlon’s students at ESI Spa Show Toronto say “YES” to Global Wellness Day.



(Left to Right) Stacy Conlon, The Zen Girl, Michael Stusser, Osmosis Spa and Jeannie Jarnot, Spa Heroes say “YES” to Global Wellness Day.