Get focused and stress less with these short meditations
designed for you to practice at your desk.

Get Focused Meditation

Work smart, not hard. Find that inner focus and flow you need to cross those important tasks off your to-do list and get your work done. In this 5-minute meditation, I'll guide you in a meditation designed specifically to put you in the flow. Get it on Grokker.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Ease Your Anxiety and Stress Meditation

Let go and show. You'll feel relaxed, calm and collected after practicing this 5-minute meditation. No matter what is making you feel stressed or anxious, this helps you allow a sense of ease so you can showcase your real self. Get it on Grokker.


Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Let Go of Negativity Meditation

Bad vibes be gone. It’s not always easy to get along with other folks at work. This meditation will help you keep your cool, find the win/win and collaborate with more ease. When practiced regularly, mindfulness can be an effective tool in helping quell feelings of negativity, and will allow you to handle tough situations with grace. Get it on Grokker.

boost your energy meditation stacy conlon

Boost Your Energy Meditation

Time to make it happen. Most of us can relate to a feeling of being in a slump, down or depressed. This quick meditation is ideal for easing those feelings of discomfort and getting back in touch with your amazing self. Get it on Grokker.

increase your confidence meditation stacy conlon

Increase Your Confidence Meditation

Let the real you shine through. New to meditation? This one is perfect for you. Get ready for an important meeting or event by getting grounded in under 5 minutes. I'll help you find your center so you can showcase your very best self on any occasion. Get it on Grokker.


access your creativity meditation stacy conlon

Access Your Creativity Meditation

Get in the flow. Struggling to settle your mind and come up with new ideas? Allow me to guide you through a meditation designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom and access those creative juices brewing just the surface. Get it on Grokker.

escape to the beach meditation stacy conlon

Escape to the Beach Meditation

Goodbye stress, hello relaxation. Remember that happy place on the beach from your last vacation? The sun is shining, the sand is warm, and the waves are gently lulling you into relaxation. During this visualization meditation, I'll guide you to a sense of calm reminiscent of your favorite private beach spot. Get it on Grokker.